Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paiya Songs And Lyrics

The movie, with Karthi and Tamanna in the lead, is to be shot mostly on the highways. The buzz is that the shooting has been planned to progress and end in the highways of Maharashtra too.

Paiyya is Lingusamy's next directorial venture after Bheema with Vikram, and will be produced by Tiruppathi Brothers. His brother Bose is the original producer of the film.

Lingusamy however maintains his stand and says that Nayan is one of his favorite actors. "The way her career graph shot up is intriguing. Unlike others her career progressed in reverse gear. She paired up with the superstar during the early years of her career and started accepting roles with heroes of next generation," Lingusamy has this to say about Nayan's career. He also said that Nayan was admirable in the recent Dhanush hit 'Yaaradi Nee Mogini'.

On why his association with her could not work out, he clarifies that Payya's budget was trimmed down from what it was earlier. The matter was discussed with Nayan. "I still wanted Nayan to be a part of it and even ready to pay her remuneration in full. However, things went awry when she decided to go public in this regard," says Lingusamy.


sara said...

Adada mazhai my favourite song,

this song feelings in my heart

so beautiful lyrics piya film very

very hit 2010.